Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've made a lot of mistakes...

When I used to watch a lot of VH1 Classic for fun (don't ask), occasionally this live performance of "Rock On" would play in leiu of a traditional "music video," namely because most songs before the 80s didn't HAVE videos. I think pieces of said live performance are in the following video, and I always got a kick out of how much the mentally handicapable dude in the front seems to enjoy the show. You don't get the full effect here becuase it's just pieces, and because the quality of the vid is crap. But enjoy the smooth bass and sexy moves.

I didn't write anything the last 2 games, even though I half-heartedly sort of almost promised. But it would appear no one has noticed and no one has cared, so I got that going for me...which is nice.

Yada yada blow out the Pacers, yada yada watch the WINCE Show and blow a lead at the end. Everyone knows my boys are clinging tenuously to the 8th playoff spot. I almost liveblogged last night, but I was afraid of having to title a post "Tom Washington Hates My Mom, Redux." Oh yes, he was there. And I'm in the house of the olds. As it turns out, it didn't matter anyway because of ridiculous coaching decisions (or is that Vince saying "Fuck the coaching decisions"?) and another sad ending for the Jersey Heroes. The beginning of the game was ridiculous, with Mikki running around sans shoe for a full sequence and then Vince seemingly losing a kneecap (only to OBVIOUSLY return looking juuuust fine) and other various forms of mild ridiculousness. Before Vince bruised his fragile little knee, the announcing team was vehemently defending him taking bad shots, like "That wasn't a BAD shot, before you fans jump all over him...." Such is the state. So for those of you scoring at home that goes: Ridiculousness --> Winceage --> Sadnosity

Soooo...what are we in store for tonight? Well, the Sixers. Who have been playing well. It's a crapshoot. With playoff implications. Fantastic combinations.

Anyway. Don't call it a liveblog. (I've been here for years? No? That doesn't work? Ah well.) No, seriously, don't call it a liveblog, it's not gonna be one. I'm going back and forth w/ the Final Four and probably eating and talking about trannies w/ the rest of the fam at various points throughout, but I'm locked into sharing my very important observations with the beautiful people that frequent El Friends. You're all pieces of ass, right? I told the bouncer not to let in any fugs.

So speaking of pieces of ass...guess what I found? Oh yes, this is a photo gallery from the aforementioned baller fashion show. I shall spare you from RuPaul today though. I'm in a fantastic mood, so no need to bestow misery on anyone else.

Before the Nets get started...Roy Hibbert is a beast. That is all.

By the way, I am completely devestated that E. House is out for the rest of the season. See, they have to make the playoffs to let Casa play some more!

After just the first 2 minutes of play, I can see it's going to be "Ill Advised Jumpshot Night." ...Again.

Sweet bald spot on Andre Miller. Were his cornrows just falling right the fuck out? Is that why he went w/ the close cut? Yeesh.

Is it just me, or does "knee-to-knee" sound dirty?

Jason Collins: still useless.
I feel that update could be the sports equivalent of this.

So we have all abandoned the awful "Iggy Hop" nickname for Iguodala, right? It's not just good announcing by the Nets crew?

Here's another one...
Josh Boone: still ugly.

Boone had a sick game vs. Indy the other night. Of course his nice line (plus Boki's good game) overshadowed the shit game Vince put up. Don't think I didn't notice, Vince. I'm watching you. Well not right this second, because you're already sitting, in foul trouble. BUT I AM AWARE OF YOUR ACTIONS.

When Kyle freaking Korver is grabbing rebounds over both Boone and Moore, you know you are in for a fun basketball viewing experience.

Well last night's game was easily more interesting. I'm starting to think I should just give up again and check out the box score in a couple hours. Why is it so important to be a "real" fan anyway?

If I die tomorrow, at least I can say I saw Samuel Dalembert pick his nose before I went. Thanks for that, YES camera crew.

Chuck Norris Mountain Dew commercial- Fuck and yeah.
Although conspicuously absent from YouTube. Thanks for nothing, random internet uploaders.

I have never liked RJ taking long range J's. He continues to take many of them. Is he purposely trying to anger me? Likely not. But I have my suspicions.

By the way, I do love that Kevin Willis is back. He's like 50! My dad's like 50! I'm pretty sure Kevin Willis could beat up my dad though.

Antoine Wright: up and comer!

I like that Cliffy is like, "Well if Kevin Willis and his old ass is gonna keep playing, MY old ass is gonna keep playing." (Link via NetsDaily, as always. What would I do w/out them?)

Ah, fuck it. I'm going to Chili's.


Apparently Chili's is incapable of playing different things on different television sets. 4 TVs in the bar area...all on Joakim Noah's heinous face.

So I missed most of the rest of the game. But it's being described as "ugly," and Uncle Cliffy and Antoine Wright were the big time ballers. OK, I'm a terrible fan. It's a gradual process getting back on track.

And by "gradual," I mean the Nets don't play until Wednesday? And then it's versus the Hawks of Atlanta? Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.
(With all respect and credit to this guy.)

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OK, on the post-game show, RJ's chillin in the locker room getting interviewed and wearing this like...plush robe? Maybe it's just a towel, I don't know. But I easily picture him wearing things like velvet robes around in his leisure activities. I bet he would drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.

I kinda came home to the Rock on a whim straight from work yesterday, without having packed anything for the weekend...literally no clothes other than the (super cute!) ones I was wearing. So I had to go buy a couple items of clothing for the next few days. Which was nice, because as I have mentioned before, I buy (super cute!) underwear compulsively. Having an excuse this time was a pleasant change of pace. I suppose six pairs of undies for 4 days could be considered excessive. But like what if I need to chill an extra day or 2?

Apparently I'm starting to freak out about not having a job lined up for post-graduation, since I have randomly burst into tears somewhat due to the situation twice in the past week. Rationality tells me it's not a big deal and I have plenty of time. But it upsets me that something has not fallen into my lap thus far. Somebody has to want to pay me to do something, right? Ummm...wait, don't answer that.

You know what UCLA in the Final Four means? Ed O'Bannon stories! I guess if I go to another Nets game before the season ends, I should rock the old school replica Eddie O jersey, huh? Done and done.
Last we heard, Eddie was a car salesman. It sure does seem like an awfully long time ago that he was supposed to save the Nets. What's that? That was over a decade ago? Fuck, I'm old.

No, the "curse less and sound more ladylike because Dad says boys don't like girls who swear like sailors" project has not been going well. Why do you ask?

Oh, and congrats to Larry Frank for becoming the winningest coach in NJ Nets history.
Let's go win some playoff games, eh?

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Andre Miller has a bald spot? Fuck, I'm old.

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