Monday, April 02, 2007

Scene from a Seder

As the family discusses the tragic persecution of the Jews in the land of Egypt...

Becky: Psst, Steph...

Steph: What?

Becky: Do you know D?

Steph: D?


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Man that look my dad gave me was menacing.

I fucking hate Passover.

On the bright side, my uncle started blaming my 4-year-old cousin for his increasingly disruptive flatulence. She's gonna wish we had a dog REAL soon.

In honor of the Yanks beating the "hapless" Devil Rays, via Deadspin is a Rays blog, offering up reasons to root for the Rays. I ran into Doc Wilson in the supermarché the other day, and sure enough, he was decked out in his finest Tampa Bay Devil Rays merch.
Maybe he and Jenn Sterger can get a little somethin somethin going on....
Seriously, the way the YES team did the game today, I almost expected to hear someone say "Awwww, Tampa Bay is trying SO HARD! It's so CUTE."
Anyone else really really miss Michael Kay? Oh that's right, the answer to that is invariably "Fuck" and "No."


cmikes said...

this was just to good -

cmikes said...

*too good.