Tuesday, July 24, 2007

El Update

El Girlfriend du Nenad...
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And El Gunz du Nenad.

From a Serbian interview, lovingly translated at the Nets Daily.
Not exactly groundbreaking stuff.
Oh, you like playing with Jason Kidd?
Oh, you started playing basketball because you were tall?
::low whistle::

Monday, July 16, 2007

How time can move both fast and slow...amazes me....

Dear readers, it has just occurred to your heroine that she is absolutely, completely, utterly, 100% Grade A fucked.

That's right, after the debacle that was PMBR, she very well might be on the fast track to failing this thing.

So I am sure I can count on y'all to be understanding if El Friends goes dark for a bit. I'm afraid it would be sorely lacking in NBA analogies and BDSM jokes, and be exclusively limited to me bitching about needing to get drunk, get laid, and stop crying. Let's be honest, no one wants that.

You know the drill for Nets news by now. Quickly, I'm optimistic about Magloire, wish Mikki well in his new Reggie Theus-led endeavors, like what I'm hearing about Nenad's new 10 lbs. of pure muscle, and goofed along with everyone else on the RJ engagement story, as you will see if you go to the last entry in the June 19 entry of the Sez since, yes, Sussman, RJ, AND Derrick Coleman share the same birthday. Happy belated to them all, and apologies for spreading false rumors of pending nuptials.

Alright, now if you'll excuse me, I have to enter full-on panic/suicide-watch mode.

Please do enjoy this complimentary AWESOME video on the way out.
(Many thanks to ultra-fashionable Sean for the vid, who may or may not have also been responsible for unleashing Planet Unicorn on us unsuspecting earthlings.)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hurts so good?

OK, I throw jokes about this stuff around carelessly, and occasionally I reach for an innuendo...but now they are just fucking with me:

Beginning tomorrow, the Nets hope to start seeing the type of pain their new S&M connection can inflict on future opponents.

Is my team about to become the BDSM spokesteam?
I sure hope so.

Grimey's Photoshop skillz are far superior to mine, and his illustration is replacing my sad and pathetic attempt with Microsoft Paint.
This is completely awesome and I damn near spit Red Bull all over my laptop when I saw it:
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Let's all thank Grimey.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Four more years

So I reacted to this new VC deal thing in the most white girl way possible...seriously, I totally outnerded myself on this one.
If you want to mock me endlessly, you may do so.

Really though, melancholy and complaint rock are probably uncalled for.
If I could muster the optimism last season, I'm sure I can do so for 4 more seasons (yes, 5 if the team exercises the option). And I understand from a business perspective, you want to at least make the playoffs between now and the move to Brooklyn.
I just find it would be a shame if they overpaid Vince by a few million dollars, and those same few million dollars would have been the difference maker in keeping Mikki.