Friday, April 27, 2007


Go check out the NEW post on the NEW site.
I even left you boys a pretty picture to look at.
Baby, c'mon, I KNOW you want to....

As I move into the library for the next couple weeks though, I'll be hanging around here venting my little Becky heart out. Promise, promise. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just lost cabin pressure.

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Or, just breathe.

In my last law school class, EVER. Right now. 1 hour until this nightmare comes to an end.
Um...except for those 4 finals over the next 2 weeks. I guess I have to make it through those as well.
Oh, and the 10 weeks of Bar Review. And the actual Bar Exam. I guess I have to do that too.
But...last class ever! Yeah!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you like to hurt? I do! I do! Then hurt me....

Aw yeah.

Here. We. Fucking. GO.

I drank too much on an empty stomach to get more involved than that right now. Let's just say the Nets' propensity to blow big leads added to the Kei Igawa experience with some extra innings Philadelphia-style baseball thrown in for good measure equals big headache for Becky.

Suffice to say I'm pumped.

Despite the fact I'm an a-hole and planned a trip out of town this weekend w/out realizing I'd be potentially putting myself in a position to miss the beginnings of what will likely be another epic set of series. High hopes I'll still see what I need to see though.

A heads-up:
Any sports-related jazz that goes up around here will additionally go up on a new site that I'm fucking around with.
A collaboration between my long time partner in crime and myself (aptly titled "Giggin' On Ya") will hopefully be added to the Blogs By Fans network shortly, as soon as we get shit figured out. We're testing things out and I threw a couple Nets related posts up. Ben gave the blogging thing a first crack by posting about his affection for the PLAYOFF-BOUND Golden State Warriors.
So if that's your thang, check us out...mmmmm right here.

El Friends shall continue, since I need somewhere to vent about all the awfulness I encounter in people every day (see: trashy strumpets that want to fight me in bars; law school bitches who have yet to learn that snitches get stitches). So no worries. You've earned my love. I'm here to stay. Until you piss me off. Then I'm so gone.

So as we gear up for the playoffs, here is the song/video that still gets me all fucking fired up, yes, even a year later.
(Seriously, is it weird that I occasionally listen to the song on repeat? Yes? Shoot. I was totally kidding anyway.)

By the way...
Learned tonight:
Ryan Madson = still hot.
(What??? He um...pitched good. Yeah.)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

But this convenience ain't convenient anymore.

And thus begins the gradual process of slowly but surely losing my mind.

Anyone around reading this nonsense during last semester's round of miserable finals will recall I don't handle academic pressure particularly well, and yet am completely uncapable of doing things before the last minute in order to prevent said pressure.

HENCETOFORTH. I have a paper due tomorrow that I have yet to begin.

I intended to start it Friday night. You know, right after Nets/Bulls. That game went really well by the way. Actually, I was extremely tired (and perhaps a bit hungover?) and dozed off right as the game started. I drifted awake somewhere in the middle of the first quarter and was about to sit up and keep myself awake. Then I heard "Nets have started off 0 for 9..." and settled in for a spectacular first half nap.

I woke up at halftime just in time to catch the bizarre exclusive interview with Mikki and all his reptiles. It was a surreal thing to watch coming out of disjointed sleep. Searches for the segment on YouTube and the YES Network site have proved futile. I'll keep an eye out though because I'm pretty sure it was hysterical. From what I can recall, Mikki doesn't mess with poisonous snakes, his little alligator almost bit him, and he doesn't talk to any of his pets because they're "not friends...just entertainment." He said he was a Christian and not some crazy "voodoo snake guy" or something along those lines. Um...good to know.

Undeniably awesome:
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So...I was supposed to go to the historic game last night. But...well, I'm an asshole. That's the only explanation I have for it. I mean, I have not had a problem going to games and buying tickets right beforehand thus far. I surely did not think a Gil-less Wiz team was about to sell out the arena. But oh boy, I sure was wrong. Which would not be a problem. Because the shuttle back and forth from Port Authority to the Meadowlands is quick and painless. Except, that is only in theory. Because in reality, if you go and are ass-out-of-luck with tickets, it is impossible for you to get back to the city until after the game. The incredibly nice and understanding (read: complete fucktard) bus driver who dropped off a bus load of people at the arena explained that he had to go back to Port Authority with an empty bus. And that no amount of money I had would get him to let us on his bus. I tried to negotiate with him and he just told me he would get in trouble if there was anyone on the bus when he returned to the city. By the end of it, I didn't even care if he wouldn't let me on the bus, I just wanted an explanation of what the fuck such a stupid policy was based upon. Predictably, he could not give me one. Whatever though, my friend pointed out he was just following orders and doing his job. You know, I know of another group of people who were just following orders- THE NAZIS. Just kidding, but seriously. What a stupid policy. I'm sure the stupid bus overlords didn't have the idea of stranding a cute girl like me at the freaking Meadowlands in mind when they dictated their stupid bus policy. Anyway, my friend lucked out w/ a ride for us, so they both win the "Knight in Shining Armour" award for the weekend.

Whatever though. I had a mostly fun 15-hour adventure that happened to start off with the Mr. April show in the Bronx. All credit given to my friend who shared in it with me. Even though he hated the adventure. And hates blogs. And most likely hates me now too.

Moving on.

Where are my goddamn Oreo O's when I need them?

A very big thanks to MCBias (is that how you like to be credited? I don't even know, I feel you have too many handles for me to keep track of, although that is most likely unreasonable on my part?) for pointing me to this post over at the FanHouse. I have found less time at a computer makes it much harder to keep up with the FanHouse posts because there are just so freaking many. Also it has made me a horrible pen pal, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, my adoration for Alex has just jumped 1,000x due to his successful rockage of a cheesy moustache. At a theme party no less. I've never been to a theme party, but I hear they're a rocking good time. If his looks alone didn't get him there, I think this just easily rocketed him into "favorite NFL QB" territory right there. And yes, that is partially due to the fact that my favorite team is helmed by the youngest Manning brother. Trust me, Eli. I WANT to love you. But here is a helpful hint on Becky: my love must be earned. EARNED, I say. Anyway, everyone knows of my affinity for a fine 'stache (see: 1 Adam Morrison t-shirt, rocked), so well done, Mr. Smith.
The Hulkster approves.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When all is well and well is all for all...

Some Nenadrific news, as we are, after all, El Friends Du Nenad.
(Never forget your roots, kids. Never.)

Nenad Krstic has graduated from the bike, which he has been doing for nearly a month, to more strenuous activity. "I started on the treadmill today," said the center, who is recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee. "It's a little sore today because it was set uphill -- not much, just seven (degrees). But things are good." Krstic added that he will begin light running "in a few weeks."

Ohhhhhh yeah, the treadmill. I've been meaning to get back on one of those myself.

Also a bunch of stuff about RJ being slow and rusty and mediocre and yada yada...but I informed you guys of that like 2 weeks ago.

On a Becky's already turned into one of those days. And it's not even noon!

I meant to mention this on Monday.
You know it's baseball season when Metallica gets you all fired up like it's 1995 all over again.
(Yes, I know when the Black Album came out...I just did not own it until 1995. Deal with it.)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Scene from a Seder

As the family discusses the tragic persecution of the Jews in the land of Egypt...

Becky: Psst, Steph...

Steph: What?

Becky: Do you know D?

Steph: D?


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Man that look my dad gave me was menacing.

I fucking hate Passover.

On the bright side, my uncle started blaming my 4-year-old cousin for his increasingly disruptive flatulence. She's gonna wish we had a dog REAL soon.

In honor of the Yanks beating the "hapless" Devil Rays, via Deadspin is a Rays blog, offering up reasons to root for the Rays. I ran into Doc Wilson in the supermarché the other day, and sure enough, he was decked out in his finest Tampa Bay Devil Rays merch.
Maybe he and Jenn Sterger can get a little somethin somethin going on....
Seriously, the way the YES team did the game today, I almost expected to hear someone say "Awwww, Tampa Bay is trying SO HARD! It's so CUTE."
Anyone else really really miss Michael Kay? Oh that's right, the answer to that is invariably "Fuck" and "No."