Thursday, June 21, 2007

But please please, let's use this chance, to turn things around....

Today, I am refocused and rededicated. Also, feeling a lot more sane, thanks for asking.

I may attribute it to my muse:
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Yes, that IS an autographed photo of Boki Nachbar hung up right over my bed, how did you know??

If he doesn't inspire me, I don't know who will.

And since studying is the only thing happening on my bed these days, I feel it bodes well.

If anyone wants to be real proud, I think I am about to finish 1 complete day without bursting into tears. Hooray!

(And yes, I purposely used lyrics from a Muse song for the title, since I called Boki my muse...I'm a dork. You knew this.)

Submitted for your approval, and apropos of absolutely fucking nothing at all, are chipmunks shoving peanuts down their throats, set to a ska version of the James Bond theme song. Because why the fuck not?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dur dur d'etre Vin Baker

Of course, when I saw this news item, I thought this:

That's the normal reaction.

But, um...well, when I saw this news item, for some reason, I thought this:

Because, um...dur dur d'etre Vin Baker.

No, it makes NO sense. I have issues.

Thursday, June 07, 2007



Hi, hello?

This thing on?

Apparently this whole "studying for the bar" thing takes up a lot of your time. Who knew? It has severely cut into my blogging and drinking. Not necessarily in that order.

Seriously, I think John Pieper is going to start showing up in my dreams soon. *Those* kinds of dreams too, if I don't get any bootay sometime in the near future.
Sad state of affairs my life is in right now.

Just wanted to drop in and say "heyyyyy". I'm still alive. The Nets didn't kill me, although given a few more games, they very well could have.

So I'm giving y'all a couple videos to have some fun with.

First off, I was at the gym the other day and the Gold's Gym Music Channel or whatever the fuck was on the tv in front of me. Oddly enough, they played a Muse video, which was kind of weird. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway, this is more GGMC fodder:

Did you catch what I caught?
No, not the kid from "The Wire."
That's right, that sweet sweet replica Kenny Anderson jersey. I HAVE ONE OF THOSE! I think that means I have street cred. Who knew?
(Note: I did. I've maintained for years that I'm ghetto fab.)
Also, I'm not entirely certain, but I think that's Stephen Jackson chillin out behind Busta. I could just be hoping though.

Second video speaks for itself.

So. Fucking. Awesome.

And ahhhh...
I've expressed my love for TBJ before. Well today's podcast is a 30 minute doozy. Yes, I said "doozy." And, they even let my silly and insignificant (but FINE) ass have a say. So...NBA Finals predictions there. And much thanks and love to Skeets for giving me the opportunity to participate.


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