Thursday, June 21, 2007

But please please, let's use this chance, to turn things around....

Today, I am refocused and rededicated. Also, feeling a lot more sane, thanks for asking.

I may attribute it to my muse:
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Yes, that IS an autographed photo of Boki Nachbar hung up right over my bed, how did you know??

If he doesn't inspire me, I don't know who will.

And since studying is the only thing happening on my bed these days, I feel it bodes well.

If anyone wants to be real proud, I think I am about to finish 1 complete day without bursting into tears. Hooray!

(And yes, I purposely used lyrics from a Muse song for the title, since I called Boki my muse...I'm a dork. You knew this.)

Submitted for your approval, and apropos of absolutely fucking nothing at all, are chipmunks shoving peanuts down their throats, set to a ska version of the James Bond theme song. Because why the fuck not?


onthevirg said...

That video reminds me of a girl I used to date that had similar talents. Man, I miss her sometimes.

Business or Leisure? said...

So, my friend owns and listens to the Jordy album. He likes it.

becky said...

I'm not one to judge. I still rock the Shaq Diesel.
Dur dur d'etre so awesome.

Raskolnikov said...

Who murdered the nuts?

becky said...

yeah, that was totally the inspiration for posting the nut caper video.
50 people got to posting the INTENSE CHIPMUNK video before me, so I didn't want to put it up...but let the record show I saw it like a full week ago.