Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When all is well and well is all for all...

Some Nenadrific news, as we are, after all, El Friends Du Nenad.
(Never forget your roots, kids. Never.)

Nenad Krstic has graduated from the bike, which he has been doing for nearly a month, to more strenuous activity. "I started on the treadmill today," said the center, who is recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee. "It's a little sore today because it was set uphill -- not much, just seven (degrees). But things are good." Krstic added that he will begin light running "in a few weeks."

Ohhhhhh yeah, the treadmill. I've been meaning to get back on one of those myself.

Also a bunch of stuff about RJ being slow and rusty and mediocre and yada yada...but I informed you guys of that like 2 weeks ago.

On a Becky's already turned into one of those days. And it's not even noon!

I meant to mention this on Monday.
You know it's baseball season when Metallica gets you all fired up like it's 1995 all over again.
(Yes, I know when the Black Album came out...I just did not own it until 1995. Deal with it.)

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MCBias said...

I remember you liking Alex Smith, because I had no idea who he was when you mentioned said affection. Then I came across this randomly. Interested?