Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you like to hurt? I do! I do! Then hurt me....

Aw yeah.

Here. We. Fucking. GO.

I drank too much on an empty stomach to get more involved than that right now. Let's just say the Nets' propensity to blow big leads added to the Kei Igawa experience with some extra innings Philadelphia-style baseball thrown in for good measure equals big headache for Becky.

Suffice to say I'm pumped.

Despite the fact I'm an a-hole and planned a trip out of town this weekend w/out realizing I'd be potentially putting myself in a position to miss the beginnings of what will likely be another epic set of series. High hopes I'll still see what I need to see though.

A heads-up:
Any sports-related jazz that goes up around here will additionally go up on a new site that I'm fucking around with.
A collaboration between my long time partner in crime and myself (aptly titled "Giggin' On Ya") will hopefully be added to the Blogs By Fans network shortly, as soon as we get shit figured out. We're testing things out and I threw a couple Nets related posts up. Ben gave the blogging thing a first crack by posting about his affection for the PLAYOFF-BOUND Golden State Warriors.
So if that's your thang, check us out...mmmmm right here.

El Friends shall continue, since I need somewhere to vent about all the awfulness I encounter in people every day (see: trashy strumpets that want to fight me in bars; law school bitches who have yet to learn that snitches get stitches). So no worries. You've earned my love. I'm here to stay. Until you piss me off. Then I'm so gone.

So as we gear up for the playoffs, here is the song/video that still gets me all fucking fired up, yes, even a year later.
(Seriously, is it weird that I occasionally listen to the song on repeat? Yes? Shoot. I was totally kidding anyway.)

By the way...
Learned tonight:
Ryan Madson = still hot.
(What??? He um...pitched good. Yeah.)


onthevirg said...

I have a request. Can we here more about the bar fights? Especially if it involves jello and/or shirts coming off.

becky said...

hahahaha I guess that post was from a long time ago, and I try not to self-reference too much.
here ya go:
also, I have since learned that the girl was pretty hardcore and probably would have kicked my ass. I would have been feisty though!