Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Youuu better WORK.

So...I am kind of torn.
Should I go to the game tonight and sit up in the cheap seats (for free, via salon-purchased ticket package) or stay home and watch on TNT...?

One thing I do know is, via this link over at NetsDaily (as usual...they're all over everything!), I now have that RuPaul song stuck in my head.
Who is Jared M?
Casual Male apparently thinks he is going to be their cash cow....
In March, the company plans to launch Jared M., an upscale, custom-fit clothing boutique, which the company bought last year. Tailoring imported fabrics from Europe into suits that cost up to $6,000 apiece, Jared M. has built its reputation on outfitting professional athletes, many of whom are too tall for the clothes at regular stores. Most of Jared M.'s exclusive clients also spend an average of $45,000 per year on their wardrobes. "Big guys have vanity issues and definitely want to be in the forefront of fashion," says David Levin, CEO of Casual Male.

Anyway, I never realized Antoine Wright was such a good looking dude, but...WORK IT.
If you're curious what these high end fashions might look like, you can check out the media flip book at Jared M's web site.
There's a nice spread of our very own Captain Kidd, as well as some very debonaire shots of Antawn Jamison, Allan Houston (remember him?!) and Kevin Garnett. There are also a bunch of photos of Antoine Walker looking like a big dumb Antoine Walker, but in nice clothing.
Anyway, Jared M- making the handsome men of the NBA more handsome.

You know what?
Since it's stuck in my head, now it will be stuck in yours too:

Speaking of handsome men, my obviously FAVORITE Nets blog (yup, that's NetsDaily again) has acknowledged and compiled the pretty/nasty dunks that my main man Boki has been putting up. (My sister was like, "Who is #7, he's cute?" to my mom and I was like, "Nuh UH, bitch, I called him!")
Who's Next for 'The Slovenian Slammer'?
The posters haven't been printed yet, but the posterees know who they are: Elton Brand, Tim Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal and Samuel Dalembert. Boki Nachbar, the Slovenian Slammer, has taken each one of them to the rim...with authority. Nachbar says he has been getting a lot of text messages and email from his native land asking who will be next...some no doubt from his brother who plays for the Nachbar family's team in the Slovenian League.

Slovenian Slammer. Yeah. I like that.
Anyway, you can't link to single NetsDaily items, so here, here, here and here.
Annnnnd here is the story from The Record where Boki talks about dunking over Yao in practice when he was in Houston. He also talks about that sick dunk over Dalembert from a few weeks ago, which I posted right here on this very site! Hey Bostjan, that means we're like soul mates!

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