Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And nothing is up my sleeve....

I acknowledge the fact that I have been MIA lately. I'm certain no one has missed me terribly, but feel the need to explain myself anyway. My life is full of justifications and excuses, and it's not anything I can help really. Anyway, the Nets have been blessed (or cursed, depending who it is you're asking) with a bunch of consecutive days off. And I didn't watch the last 2 games against the Magic and Bobcats, due to various family and birthday obligations. In fact I have been spending a fair amount of time away from the computer in general over the last week or so and am way behind in all things sports, blogs and otherwise. On one hand I feel really out of it. On the other hand, I feel pretty good actually getting out and doing stuff with real humans. If there were a 3rd hand, I would lament that finals are coming up REALLY soon and I REALLY need to finally crack a book, but there are no mutants at El Friends.

Anyway, Wednesday night's game vs. Indiana is kind of important in terms of "playoff implications" and all that wonderful stuff (if you sense a bit of sarcasm, you are perceptive indeed) so I might try and bring the rock back for that. Maybe not though.

If anyone REALLY needs a Becky fix, you can check out my general musings on the Nets move to Brooklyn over at my new link love, Stop Mike Lupica, over yonder. And yeah...it's really happening. For realz.

Random note: went to my first Knicks game last week...and I have to say, you don't realize how ridiculously inconvenient the NBA fan experience at Continental is until you go try it somewhere else. Yeesh.

As a quick aside, some people I know have been finding this blog lately...it's resulted in some ridicule, some burned bridges, and some props (no, really!). Anyway, I just want to rerun a paragraph from a post back in January:

Man, if my mom ever actually read these things that I write...I shudder to think. I actually sent the url to someone I know for the first time this week because I had mentioned to my best friend in some context that I was blabbing to complete strangers on this thing (all 3 of y'all). I had started writing this thing in the interest of remaining completely anonymous and no one reading it...but if random people happened across it, at the very least no one I actually KNOW. I've put up a fair amount of embarrassing factoids, not to mention some pretty bitchy diatribes directed at other humans. And now that I think about it? How anonymous have I really been? You've got my name, my location, plenty of info re: my family and friends and schools and what not...I guess my point here is just "whoops." Because if anyone I knew were to find and read this, it would take them probably about 2 minutes to figure out it was me. I hope and pray this does not happen, but I realized it is possible. So if it does...well I've got no shame, give a holler and I'll make sure not to talk any shit about you. And Nesticle? If you made it past all the "sports stuff" and are actually reading? Hi, and love ya :)

Uncut and unedited in the interest of full disclosure. No real point though...just wanted to throw that (back) out there.

On a completely unrelated note, I had the pleasure this past weekend of discovering an incredibly talented band, entirely by accident. I went to see my sister play a set and as a result got to see a very rocking good time of a band afterward. I know alternative rock music is not for everyone, but if it is your thing, I have to imagine you will enjoy these guys. I very much did, and they were extremely cool and funny guys too. You can check them out here, or here. Music is a thing that I try not to get snotty about or act knowledgeable about, because I certainly am not an expert, and tastes are entirely subjective and personal. But I'm just gonna come out and say that I, Becky, personally thought that GreyMarket rocked pretty F'ing hard. I'd also like to reaffirm my fondness for this guy again too, since I'm even hearing one of his songs on the radio these days, and I did not think that would happen when I linked to his site way back in November.

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