Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did I just eat that, or did I rub it on my face???

Never order Chinese/Japanese food when someone else is paying and you are hungry.

After doing delightfully well on my brackets throughout the day, Duke just fucked me as they do every single year and I have now switched over to the Nets/Heat game in disgust. No one needs to give me a hard time for taking them at all (let alone into the 8). I know. I just assume every year that they will stop fucking me. You would think I would have learned when they were the only school to reject me when I applied to colleges. (OK, and UVA...but fuck UVA. Because I said so, that's why.) Anyway. I sat in my pajamas watching basketball from the time I woke up (correlated very carefully with the first tipoff) until they stopped. We're getting shitty weather on my spring break (SPRING BREAK '07 ROCKLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK! WOO!!!) so I have no intentions of leaving my house much...or at all...over the next couple days. I intended to catch up on work for the semester, but...yeahhh...that's not gonna happen. This could be relaxing though! Oh yeah, and fuck the snow...I'm gonna go to the tanning place enough times so that it at least LOOKS like I went somewhere. Screw you, pale gene. Becky shall rise above.

Speaking of the NCAA...the folks over at Texas A&M are a little angry with our boy Antoine Wright. But to be fair...he's right and he's telling the truth. And if an athlete wants to actually say "You know SHOULD be more important for college athletes," then fucking praise be to him. You get the feeling these athletes are happy to have passes and not have to worry about learning anything, but you never wonder if maybe they're pressured NOT to learn? I'm not saying that's what Wright was implying, but it might be the implication. And if so...rock on. If a kid wants to challenge himself, I don't see why he would be discouraged from that. So I genuinely hope I'm reading that wrong.

My mom abandoned me to toggle the Nets game with Grey's Anatomy. I can honestly say that I have never and will never watch a single episode of that show. I saw about 10 minutes once by accident in the student lounge during finals last year. (Yes, I was trying to put on a playoff game...yes, to anyone who read the old post about the ass clown w/ CSI: Miami, I do seem to run into that problem a lot.) It just seemed so awful. Just nothing I would be interested in. Characters you wouldn't want to hang around with or bear to be around in real life. I dunno, it's tough to explain. Let my dad:
Becky: Dad, why don't you watch Grey's w/ Mom?
Dad: It's just so...whiny.


As an aside (ha...this whole post is an aside), we were discussing a friend of mine and my dad said, "Some of us just don't see ourselves in the light that other people do," or something like that. And I was like, "Come on, dad...that's true for most people, but you and I are incredibly self aware. We actually ARE as awesome as we believe ourselves to be." He looked at me funny. I don't think people get me.

Before she disappeared, mi madre did have the opportunity to tell me she's noticed Uncle Cliffy is "completely useless" these days.
Becky: Maybe he only plays well when he's high.
Mom: ...Probably.

The Heat just went up by 7 and I'm starting to get the "Angry Becky" demeanor. That's when I drop random F-bombs (not very ladylike, I know, I'm working on breaking that habit) and roll my eyes as if there were someone here to acknowledge my commentary on frustration and annoyance.

Least favorite commercial right now: for "Icon," I think it's called...the video game about rappers? Using their weapons? It's got gross yet oddly unrealistic throbbing innards and eyeball...and a truly horrific rap song...and the maddening prospect of using a WEAPON. You have lost me, Def Jam. I thought I was ghetto fab. I can see now this is not the case. I give up. You have defeated me. I'll go buy a Death Cab album and bask in my Causasianness.

And while I'm bitching about commercials, I mentioned this in one of the comments threads on the Deadspin live blogs earlier today (big ups to Dan Shanoff for holding it down and rocking my socks all day), the new DirecTV commercial with the Entourage douchebags is quite possibly the most irritating thing in the world. As if Turtle and the rest (but Turtle especially) were not annoying enough on the show, now they're shilling for DirecTV? Those commercials annoyed me before and now I have to listen to these d-bags use the word "honies" and turn down floor seats to the Lakers? Jessica Simpson's spot was annoying in dialogue but at least if you mute her, you nod in appreciation instead of rolling your eyes at the screen (looking your way, fat douchebag who plays Turtle). "Entourage" was one of those shows that everybody was watching, so I checked it out and it was mildly enjoyable (in the first season) so I didn't develop an intense hatred for it immediately. It's kind of a one-trick pony though, and the storylines and characters got progressively more stupid and more annoying. I attempted to not watch it anymore, and successfully skipped a couple episodes. But then I got back together w/ Senor Douchebag one of the times, and he and his roommates thought they were "just like them, dude." Or at least wanted to be. SO, their Sunday nights revolved around watching "Entourage," and therefore mine did as well. When it comes back this season though? Not so much, sucka! The fact that Piven apparently now acts/thinks like he is Ari Gold in real life seals that deal. When I'm supposed to believe that a dude w/ bad hair plugs, who waxes his chest and used to make a living fucking John Cusack's fallout pussy is a big shot, I'm tuning the F out. But don't worry, Adrian Grenier. You'll always be Chase Hammond to me.

(This is the part where I shamefully admit to having an unapologetic love for that movie. Seriously. I own the dvd and have probably watched it close to 100x. You may judge me. But first you must acknowledge how hard I rock anyway. Proceed.)

While I'm bitching about commercials and what not...the geniuses (read: jerkoffs) behind the trailer for Pride are going to owe me $10.50 if I actually go see that piece of garbage. Because they know...KNOW that putting "Remember the Name" in it is gonna get me. I'm convinced. And of course it won't be in the movie. The only reason I got so pumped about Gridiron Gang and moved it to the top of my NetFlix queue was because one of the commercials for the dvd that had that song in it came on tv one night. Then it wasn't even in the goddamned movie. Sadnosity. Of course I enjoyed it anyway...I'm such a sucker for a cheesy sports movie, the way most girls are with...I guess "Grey's", ha. My favorite part was laughing at all of The Rock's over the top lines...and then seeing the documentary clips of the real life dude using those exact lines in REAL LIFE. Fantastic. Anyway, I'm going to ignore the obvious jokes about the swimming movie, and...let's just collectively hope I don't spend any money to see it.
(Related note: I'm sincerely fighting the urge to put Roll Bounce or whatever the roller skating version of the same movie was called at the top of my queue...I caught 5 minutes of it on tv the other night and it was hilarious.)

The Nets never want to make things easy on me. I'm convinced in the pregame talks they're like, "Yo...there's definitely a cute fan sitting at home watching us while everyone else watches the NCAA tournament...let's play from behind the whole game and then try and win it right at the end, just to mess with her." OK, probably not. But still.
I do love Eddie House though. Just let E. House go crazy.

Speaking of crazy, when I was stuck at work the other day lamenting my utterly depressing spring break plans (i.e. none), in order to make myself feel better, I online shopped (it's a bit of an addiction that I have). I bought myself a bikini (w/ strawberries on it because I am uncharacteristically a sucker for cute things) out of protest. "Oh, I'm not going anywhere on spring break and probably won't see the beach for MONTHS...but I can still buy a bikini, YEAH. That'll show them." I don't know who the aforementioned "them" are, but...well, now I gots me a new bathingsuit. Rock. I also bought a pair of red heels, because...god knows. I don't need them and I'm not even sure what they would go with, but...they were on sale and I HAD to have them.

(This is the part where I admit I have a problem.)

Antoine Walker is making shots. I detest Antoine Walker. I just typed out a whole rant about everything I despise about the man and his game, but then I thought that I had covered this ground before so I deleted it. It might have been in a comments thread of another blog but...I don't know and I don't really care.

Oh Christ...when the "Hack-a-Shaq" crap starts up and he's actually making the free throws? Time for me to check out. Because bitching about a game as it unfolds on a blog is quite possibly a low point, even for me.

Just to drag y'all down with me a bit, I found the offending commercial from above. :)

I had mentioned the Senior Dance Squad or whatever they're called after I went to the game a couple weeks ago...USA Today had a cute story about them yesterday (via NetsDaily today). There are even some hot pics of sexy geriatrics shaking their groove thangs, if that's your thang.

On a somewhat related (and pretty personal) note, my grandmother recently had surgery for breast cancer...and for some reason, my suggestions for her to "get herself a new pair of big ass tittays" have gone ignored and scorned by every member of my family. I really DON'T think people get me.

To finish up on a lighter note (no, the Nets aren't going to supply THAT luxury tonight)...
My high school English teacher. My one sister also had him a couple years ago and my other sister has him now...he's just fantastic. Brilliant, brilliant man. We used to joke that he had every bit of useless knowledge you could imagine, and that you could randomly ask him the capital of Zimbabwe and he would know day we were clowning and asked him and he did. Not that it's like crazy random information, but that was the joke and he really did know everything. Rhodes scholar, talented with the guitar, able to balance chairs on his chin and stuff like that...and his favorite hobby was visiting the graves of famous people and taking pictures of himself lying on them. I found the article on the page for a Facebook group my sister joined, "I Wish My English Professor Could Teach As Well As Doctor Wilson Did." For realz. At the end of my experience with ohhh...three colleges and a law school, I can say he is still one of the top 5 teachers I ever had. He's so awesome, and that Just wow. Rock on, Doc Wilson. Rock the F on. (I'll be damned if I root for the Rays though. That's just weird.)


Dat RoRo Kid said...
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Dat RoRo Kid said...

Was at the game last night and, for the record, Eddie House is money. I sometimes wonder why he was riding the pine for like 3 seasons with us (Heat) and then I remember he was playing for Stork-face, old man Riley. I've always liked him as a player.

Oh, and 'Entourage' sucks. So does that commercial for that new NBA game with the weird Lawrence Taylor looking motherfucker in it. NBA 'Street' something or other...GOD, that guy fuckin' annoys me...

Grimey said...

That's not an eyeball. That's a speaker. That guy's heart is a speaker.

Also that song, which I think is "Ballin'" by Jim Jones, is the same song that Michael Strahan says is the inspiration for the Giants' defense doing that "jumpshot" thing after a fine defensive play.

stopmikelupica said...

Was that the game Air Pussy was 4-15? He's so fascinating, with the 2% effort....