Friday, December 01, 2006

Scoop Jackson is a hack AND an ass hat.

I'm just going to go right ahead and link:

I touched on this briefly yesterday when I called Scoop Jackson a "hack" and a "bojangler," both of which are things he is commonly referred to as by many many others.
Basically, he has completely ripped off my dear friend The Cavalier and made a sad half-assed attempt to make it right by throwing out some bullshit "credit."
Scoop? Yeah, the legal industry, we refer to this as "copyright infringement."
You want to be a no-talent ass clown, you go right ahead. Don't steal ideas (copyrighted ideas!) from someone who is actually talented, FUCK IT UP by completely ruining the joke w/ your complete lack of humor, and then try and pass the idea off as your own. That was cute too, throwing in the little edit this morning to try to cover your ass.
Scoops, I stopped reading your columns regularly after about 5, because they were awful. The ones I still happen to read are ones pointed out to me for their sheer awfulness. I did not like your columns before, but still thought maybe you were a cool guy who was just too caught up in his "style." Now, however, I know you are an ass. I just allied myself w/ Whitlock.
Stop reading the Yay. We don't want you around there.

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