Saturday, December 09, 2006

I got soul but I'm not a soldier.

So my stay in the library from 9-7 yesterday made me lose my goddamn mind. I was seriously flipping out, but not in a "hey I'm really stressed" way but more of a "wow the things in my brain no longer resemble actual thoughts" way.
No seriously, I had this whole thing going where all words that started w/ "n" would get a "k" in front of them for like a hard "k" sound and it was really a great idea. Except not so much. Then the word "k'nish" occurred to me and I nearly had a breakdown. Not really, get the idea. So a little change in scenery today, giving the "big study room w/ a friend or 2" idea a spin. Because seriously I was about to jump off the big bridge yesterday. Well, hypothetically, as it is far too cold and I am far too lazy to actually walk there.

One thing that helps is listening to music. I have about 1800 songs on my ipod so it's a pretty eclectic mix. Certain songs provide little pick-me-ups along the way. My life is very sad. But if hearing "My Girlfriend's Dead" keeps me off the pipe, then so be it.

As if I weren't fake suicidal enough, I benched JR Smith on my roto team last night. Needless to say, "foresight" is not a gift of mine.

I am in dire need of a manicure and a good night's sleep and a series of drinks. Clearly not in that order.... 13 days left of this nightmare too. Ugh. I've heard of people getting massages/facials during finals to relieve some stress. That seems egregious. To be fair, I have never had a facial. I don't think I ever will either. I think the rule is: if you see porn before you get one, you will never be able to walk into a spa/salon/wherever and say "Yes I'd like a facial please." Well...maybe I could, but I'd giggle my motherfucking head off. There's always the problem of not being a jappy girl though. Oh well.

It should be a criminal offense to play the music they play in Starbucks.
Along those lines, if you have ever bought a cd at Starbucks, kindly stay as far away from me as humanly possible.

Time to start studying...sanity level on steep dropoff alert.

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