Tuesday, December 19, 2006

roll the dice, every soul's got a price....

So I'm 2 down, 2 to go. The numbers in the library and at school in general are dwindling in a fast fashion. I'm already feeling genuinely annoyed toward the people who are finished/finishing today, and this sentiment is sure to grow, and I think the word I am looking for is "exponentially?" My brain has been playing tricks on me the last week or so though, so who the fuck knows. Basically I have 2 exams left that at this point I don't give a damn about (yes Beavis, this IS a "god damn") and as the next couple days pass, I'm losing all of my allies in misery. HENCETOFORTH...yeah I just don't see myself studying all that hard. Especially Thursday evening when I KNOW everyone will be out celebrating the end of the semester and I will be lonely and exceedingly bitter at school, wishing hateful things on just about everyone and everything. So a hearty "fuck you" to my school's administration, for only allowing make-ups on Fridays and Saturdays and after the actual exam.

While I'm doling out "fuck you"s, here's one to...myself. For being a moron. As usual, I GUESS. Seeeee...I'm STILL w/out any cash money (not to worry, I got plenty ho's to go around...and what is the plural of "ho" anyway?). My test last night ended at 8 (nice surprise since I thought it was a 3 hour doozy) and I felt a strong urge to do something in favor of improving my physical appearance. Anything really, since normally I clock in at about a solid 6...7 on a good day, and the last few weeks have seen a dismal drop into the 3-4 range. Seriously it's getting pretty ugly up in here. But the non-funding severely limited my options. Of course, the genius that I am, I say to myself, "Self, don't you still have sessions left at the tanning salon?" Why yes, yes I do! Soooooo yeah. Yada yada yada, my butt is all burnt and it hurts to sit and I have to be at the library all day. Good times! Needless to say, I don't think Mensa will be calling anytime soon.

I actually really like my best guy friend's girlfriend. She's sweet, she's friendly, she's good to him, she's pretty smart from what I can gather. And he's been my boy since junior high and I always have his back no matter what, but if he's got issues w/ his lady I always try and give honest advice as both a girl and as his friend. (I mean, I take the same approach w/ all my friends, but no need to digress here.) Today though he is really heated and on a rant and I'm just laughing my ass off because it's hysterical and she's being ridiculous. Apparently she stumbled upon one of those PETA propaganda videos, where they show a dog being skinned. I don't know why or how...and I don't ADVOCATE such things obviously. I like doggies! Who doesn't like doggies??? BUT. Haha. She's all upset about the video and apparently now all upset at HIM for NOT being upset. That is what I define as a classic girl moment. And it's hysterical. He even tried to explain to her how he's seen a video of people killing a monkey and eating its brains, so this just doesn't affect him that much. And I have to take some credit here, because I'm the asshole who found Faces of Death in her basement when she was 14 and had to show it to all her friends. And this one kid we used to hang out with got really upset and cried during the monkey scene...and we just tooled on him so much about it that he stopped being friends with us. OK, I'm sure that's not really why, but he's still not our friend anymore and that's still the only memory of our friendship with him that ever comes up in conversation. Apropos of nothing, watching a chicken run around w/out a head is pretty fucking entertaining. Am I a little disturbed? Probably. I'm taking the usual route and blaming law school. And it might work too, because a friend of mine, from law school, just told me this story: he was at this chicks crib last night who he bangs out on occasion; they are lying around after and talking and it comes up that her sister passed away a few years ago suddenly, due to some complicaton re: The Pill. His mind immediately makes a list: a) no way is she on birth contol if it killed her sister; b) she is her parents only offspring now and she is almost thirty; c) ....I gotta get out of here. I fucking love my friends. I can always count on them to be way more twisted than me.

Fucking Sports Guy actually was right on w/ most of his assessments on the "brawl" in MSG in his chat yesterday. Color me surprised. It WAS bullshit that Melo got the biggest suspension out of everyone. And ridiculous that Isiah went w/out suspension/fine, unless it's f'sho that he's fired w/in the week. How is what he did any different than what John Chaney pulled at Temple a couple years ago? And Chaney suspended himself for the rest of the season and the postseason...and that was in COLLEGE. These are supposed to be professionals. (Insert your own "Knicks < professional" joke here.) It's just kinda wack. And no matter what beef Karl might have w/ Thomas, he can play whoever he wants at the end of a game. Maybe there was some subtext there, but there was over a minute left, his team HAS blown leads late in games, and back to them being professionals? WHY would any team "surrender" w/ ANY time left in a game? You're pro athletes. Play the fucking game out. Even IF it was in immature thing to do and aimed to piss Isiah off...the type of foul that Mardy put on JR was dangerous. You can seriously damage someone's spine pulling them down from behind like that. I'm not a DOCTOR or anything, but it's definitely dangerous and if I were a Nug I would have felt like decking the guy too. Just a classless move by Isiah. And watching his interview postgame the other night he just seems to be completely unaware of his surroundings. Just surreally oblivious to what just happened (namely, the fighting) and talking in circles about how the Knicks were victimized after their "surrender." All w/ this weird little half smirk...I don't know but I think he might be literally insane. The other thing Simmons was right on about was the utter insanity that is Nate Robinson. He even mentioned the story about Nate attacking Malik Rose in the shower last year, only he forgot to mention that it was over an unpaid bet on a video game, if memory serves me (note: it most certainly may not). He is one crazy little man...my mom despises him, calls him a "thug" and everything. And my mother LOVES the NBA and has never used the word "thug" just to describe a black dude w/ an attitude. She literally thinks Nate Robinson is criminally insane, and after the other night, she might be right on. Good eye, ma. While I'm bringing race into this...I mean yeah. Like I alluded to the other day, this type of shit happens on a baseball field and gets way more out of control, and it's not that big a deal. Some of those baseball brawls get CRAZY. You've got catchers punching each other in the face at the plate, and it's not a "black eye on the game." Nah, all this supposed "black eye on the game" crap the media keeps throwing on the NBA after this is actually more a case of "black GUY in the game." Terrible pun, but come on man. Enough. This was nothing like what happened in Auburn Hills, so stop trying to MAKE it like that. Why? Because Becky says so, THAT'S why.
People much smarter than me put say it much more eloquently.

In decidedly NOT good news, RJ has "floating fragments" in his ankle. Argh.

In news that matters not to me for the moment but is very much a concern for some around here, the final approval for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project seems to be delayed further. No word on what that means for a timetable for the Nets move to BK, but I'm guessing "not any time soon" is a safe bet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh time to start studying.

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Dude, I am TOTALLY adding 'Bang this lady out' to my internal friend lexicon...

I will make proper citations, of course.

MLA, anyone?