Friday, December 08, 2006

2 OTs and more procrastination...

2 posts from me in less than 12 hours. How lucky for...YOU!

The recipient of the jerkoff law student of the day award is...well, no names will be used, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
When there are 10 people in the student lounge trying to watch the end of a (close) basketball game and you are the 1 dipshit who wants to watch CSI, fucking DEAL. Hey, you know what? There was a show I wanted to watch tonight too. I set my VCR (primitive yes, but effective) and guess what? I got to see it when I got home. Live action sports though? I'm not setting my VCR bc if I want to watch it I need to watch it right then and there. Even in the alternative that this logic is flawed, there are still 10 people wanting one thing and 1 person wanting the other. I'm sorry, but "I was here first" is not a winner. There is 1 TV for everyone in the school. It's a long fucking finals period. Don't be a douche. Have a little courtesy and realize that majority rules. And seriously...if the show is so important to you, record it or have someone record it for you. It's not like you didn't know it was scheduled to be on before you left for the library today. The rest of us? We didn't know the Nets and Suns would be tied at 125 w/ less than a minute left. Prick. And you wanna have a little hissy fit when we don't get back to frickin CSI quickly enough after commercial? Really? Here's a hissy fit for you: go fuck yourself.
Sadly I'm too polite to share these feelings word for word. Much love to my loud-mouthed little friend who was not, in fact, too polite. In fact I think he dropped a c-bomb on the way out of the lounge....
It's a moot point anyway. Hooray hooray, the revered show ended at 10 and we were able to catch both OTs. (1 perk of being at school all the time...YES Network!)
Big Bro thought it was silly of Larry the Frank to foul w/ over 5 seconds left in regulation. But if the MVP can make that 3 w/ no time left, it's irrelevant. And he can. And boy did he. I am constantly reminded of why we call him "Nasty Nash," because DAAAAAAMN.
It of course helped that at that point in the game, JKidd's legs were more or less about as useful as those of Jason Street. (What...too soon?) But anyway. I found it MIGHTY encouraging that they hung in that game all the way to the bitter end and easily could have won if not for our all-star point guard DRIBBLING THE BALL OFF HIS FOOT. Sigh. This early in the season though you just have to laugh at losing a game like that...I mean...really??? That just happened? Argh. RJ looked great though. Mikki Moore even looked like he can contribute for realz here and there. I mean missing 99% of regulation prevents me from giving a full assessment. But I was encouraged by what I saw in the OTs. The team can hang. I've been kind of out of it the past week so I can't really say what the major problems are, but...I have to assume they are fixable bc it's a good roster. If they can deal Collins like the rumors have been implying is a possibility...well. Let's do it. That is all.

Post script:
I missed Senor D-Bag for the first time tonight. And I guess it's not him personally that I miss so much as it is having someone during this time when I cannot have a social life, so I have someone to at least clown around w/ a little in the hours b/w library and sleep. Not to mention dinner breaks (quickie breaks?), someone to get a study room with, someone to get 1 or 2 drinks with after a long day, someone to walk home with (can't really be strolling through BK at 2 a.m. when the libe closes), etc. Granted I don't miss catching him doing shady shit in the midst of all this, but...well look, I'm blogging to vent. I used to not have to do that.

Brett Edwards over at AOL's NBA Fanhouse breaks it down a little better than I did, even if he does hate on my boys.
By the way, the Fanhouse is some of the most brilliant shit I've ever read, and the bloggers they've got covering the NBA are doing an even better job than the NFL guys were, if that's even possible....

And just for fun:
Zaza Pachulia brings the STYLE.


Unsilent Majority said...

they've got covering the NBA are doing an even better job than the NFL guys were, if that's even possible....


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IF! I said IF!