Thursday, December 14, 2006


Because I know EVERYONE was dying to know how the first final went. And of course by "everyone" I mean "that one guy who might stalk me if there's like a whole day where he has nothing to do and there's nothing else to really read."

So yeah, #1 fully sucked ass. Closed book exams should be prohibited in law school. At least in your 3rd year when every other final you've taken has been open book of some sort. Seriously, I had no idea how to study for/take a closed book exam anymore. Even when I took tests like that in college, they weren't the types of things I actually studied for. Sooooooooo...yeah. 1 down, 3 to go. Ugh.

I managed to get through the test w/out any type of girl breakdown. Of course somehow that meant I would end up hysterically crying in front of everyone in CVS a few hours later. Me? A nightmare? Nooooooooo.
OK, fine. Listen to what an a-hole I am. I needed to buy some essentials (soap, shampoo, Drano, etc. and Potion 9 which I consider to be an absolute necessity) so I head over to CVS and pick up these things...only I have this stupid little habit of compulsively buying lip gloss. Not expensive stuff mind you, but ones that are shiny or sound like they will taste's a stupid habit and it's not going anywhere and it's never harmed me in any way so I've never tried to curb it. Sooo I pick up a couple of those...and some other stuff (I have an affinity for eye shadows too...ugh) and get a bit carried away and run up a bit of a tab and go to pay and what not annnnnd...yeah I'm a complete a-hole. I lost my debit card over a week ago and had to cancel it and the new one should have been here by now but it's not...oh and OBVIOUSLY I found it RIGHT AFTER I CANCELLED IT. Because...right, a-hole, me. Then I didn't realize that my CREDIT card expired 2 weeks ago. Soooooooo yeah. Crying. CVS. Good times. Daddy to the rescue though. And on the bright side, now I have no way of being talked into making a cameo at my friend's xmas party tomorrow night...I really wanted to go though. :( But I do need to study, so for the

Why are there fireworks outside my window?

So I had to buy Drano because our tub has been a slow drainer for what seems like ages now...and I was the last one to unclog the drain...and...OK, I'm not sure how to put this, but my roommate can't figure out how to use the stuff. I love the girl to death, she's so sweet and a great roommate. But...seriously, she has bought Drano literally 5 times over the past couple months and hasn't figured out the intricacies of the product or something. I see the full bottle on the counter, then empty in the trash the next, and the drain...still clogged! I mean I know the stuff works, I've used it myself! So yeah it baffles me but not enough to continue to stand in ankle-deep water while I shower.

Another note from my foray into CVS...Britney has a lot of nerve charging $30/ounce for her perfume. I mean yes I own a bottle and use it every day because it smells kind of like cupcakes, but...come on. That first bottle was a gift and it shouldn't have to cost so much to maintain a goddamn cupcake scent. And I realize this is a stupid argument that actually has no grounding but I'm venting because I FEEL like it dammit. YEAH.

While I'm venting, a little annoyance-laden shout-out to my friend Spilly. Spilly, I know you're not reading this but maybe you can get this message telepathically. I do not want to hear about your bowel movements in such excruciating detail. I simply do not. Although you regularly share too much information with me about your pooping habits, it has served as mild amusement as a general rule. But babes? During finals, you take this too far. Please stop. I am begging you. Thank you, that is all.

Been keeping an eye on the Nets from the student lounge. They look better...? My mom sent me this link the other day though along w/ a "Do you think the gay rumors are the cause?" note. I love my mom.

Whatever happened to Maxi Priest?

And whatever happened to those Keebler cookies that were like...sugar cookies with deliciously gooey chocolate in the middle? Those things rocked my socks but I am fairly certain they have completely disappeared from everyone's recollection. And I'm not talking like Tater Skins, which you CAN find online and order in bulk (my soph year boyfriend was VERY lucky indeed) but literally NO ONE remembers these cookies and I still have mini food fantasies about them. I'm pretty sure I'm not delusionally insane yet where ARE they???

Barry Melrose all of a sudden looks legit. I mean I don't know very much about hockey to know if he knows what he's talking about or not, he's got the facial hair and actually looks kind of badass and suave and intelligent. Whereas before he was just rocking a cheesy hairdo and making me giggle while I watched SC in the mornings before work.

One final measty thumbs-up to the guy on the corner outside my school today. I could hear his street musician melody up in the classroom during my exam. Rhythm and melody and good things. Being the easygoing and laid back gal I am I was happy to hear it. I also like music while I study, so music while I take a test isn't so bad. But man, I can imagine some kids being MAD. You might want to do something about that, school administration. Oh, what's that? You're entirely incompetent? My bad, of course I knew that. Anyway, the fun thing about Mr. Street Musician that I learned when I walked past him after the test? He was playing a keyboard guitar. Rock the fuck ON.

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