Wednesday, February 07, 2007

That's only in the mo'nin.

John Hollinger writes for the Sun? That's strange. In any event, he suggests more Boki Time, and I am obviously on board. He points out the undoubted drop-off on defense when Uncle Cliffy is on the floor, which I'd have to agree with. In fact I think the way I put it to my mom via telephone at the end of the OT loss the other night was, "Why the FUCK would you EVER have Robinson guarding a shot at the end of the game???" There were of course a lot of "Vince dribbling into coverage, chucking up a 'shot' and hoping for a foul" to complain about, and that we did. We're Jewish women. Complaining is our heritage. So yes. More Boki Time, please. His Sportsline player profile pic notwithstanding...eeeek.

Blah blah blah blah sealed record blah blah blah.

If they lose to the Hawks again tonight, I might have to consider a Cavalier-style boycott. They're not even trying to make any trades anymore? Really? This season needs a quick pick-me-up, and unfortunately nostalgia is not the answer. In fact, it's just making my heart sad.

And now to point out the return of RJ at a timetable of around "6 weeks" is considered optimistic. And to point out the Nets shoot free throws BADLY. Ohhhh you think so, Doctor?

This has not been a fun post.

I know, I'll make it one!
Very (VERY) cute new intern pointed me to this vid, which actually made me choke on a sip of Poland Spring.
It has nothing to do with anything at all. But it lets me say things like, "Like a alarm clock...WOOOO WOOOOOOOOO!"

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