Monday, February 12, 2007

Jackie O had Johnny F...but I just wanna smoke your last cigarette...

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"Na I don’t do this; you already knew this; ma we been through this."

Yes, romance is in the air.

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The second I declare my want/need to just be alone and have "me time," the freaking flood gates open and the boys decide they can't get enough of Becky. I'm not saying I blame them. I do rock in a particularly hard fashion. But I was unaware that "I'm not looking for anything serious" caused the Stage 4 clingers to come out in such full force.

Anyway, consider this my private plea (god forbid I bring it up and actually have to discuss it...avoidance: it works!) to skip the whole V-Day thing this year. I HATE V-Day, and not as a bitter single girl who has spent too many of them alone and eating her weight in chocolates. Au contraire, this gal has seemed to ALWAYS have a boyfriend on V-Day, and an overly sensitive wannabe romantic one at that. (For those of you scoring at home...that was like 4 different dudes over the years.) So I enjoy the prospect of being single and not having to deal w/ all the bullshit that comes with the "holiday." It's a Hallmark creation. Like Christmas. But with crappy candy instead of delicious cookies. Oh yeah, and without that Jesus stuff. Whatever.
So here's hoping my current situations are all still "pseudo" enough in nature that nobody expects me to buy them a card. Because let's be real, I always buy the suggestive cards that you can't display on the mantle anyway. Might as well skip the holiday and send some provocative pics instead, yes?

Of course, I may be sort of cynical. If romance is on your mind, but you haven't come up with the perfect plan for your special night yet, I would like to make a suggestion. Mmmmm, keepsake items.

Along the lines of romance, I have never said how much I really really REALLY love the Romance on the Hardwood series. J.E. Skeets is an evil genius. This here bit o' goodness is one of my faves, but it might just be because it appeals to my fandom. And gives me a nice segway to say this: Trade rumors can be fun, but when the Post says on Sunday, "FIRE SALE!!! EVERYONE MUST GO!!!" and then the Daily News says on Monday, "NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE," I just give up. Wake me up when something actually happens. I'm not even linking. So there. Ugh. OK, fine. Here, and here. Note my bitterness though.

After watching the last few games though, I would like to go on record as saying I was wrong about something in an earlier post. The Nets CAN win with the Boki & Marcus show. Abso-freakin-lutely. Depending on the learning curve for both of them though is what will determine whether they can actually beat any quality teams, or win consistently enough to make the playoffs. It's really a crapshoot. I'll have some more well thought out observations after the next couple games, and during the All Star break. Or not. I'm guessing if anyone reads this, it's not for my in-depth analysis, but for my charm and wit, and you don't give a gosh darn one way or the other.

Oh, and I meant to link to this Vince Carter statue story when it first happened and I just forgot. VC is a good guy and probably should get way more credit than he does for being one of the guys that actually gives back to the community. But it's difficult because it's too easy to get caught up in the way he acts like a little bitch on the court half the time. I personally think he comes off looking like a great guy with this though.

"Rookie of the Year, the contracts -- they mean nothing," Carter continued. "To see all these people here in the rain, enjoying me up here acting like a little baby, that makes it worth it."

We'll see about that soon though, eh?

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Dat RoRo Kid said...

i'm with ya on V Day...this is my first solo one in a LOOOOONG time and I'm skippin' out on DAT shit...pseudos will just have to deal.