Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So much work to do this much don't wanna do it.

Went to my first Nets game of the season last night, using the aforementioned nail salon bought ticket package. $101 seats for $50 is something I can get behind. It worked out well and wasn't a scam, so that was nice.

As promised to my benefactor (no, not THE Benefactor, but I did watch AND LIKE that show), I wore the shirt bearing the namesake of this site. I did not see El Nenad at the game though, so I'm kind of wondering if I missed a bullet somewhere stating he's rehabbing in Russia or something. (You know, the Rocky IV regiment.) I did see RJ clowning around during a timeout. There are numerous complaints you can make about RJ, but the one thing you can count on is that he cannot wait to get back in the game and play his little heart out.

The PA Announcer at CAA is taking a few too many liberties, I think. The "V! C! 3!" call was kinda cute, but when he's saying things like "From Secaucus!" or "DID YOU SEE!!! V!!! C!!!" it's kinda are reaching, dude. Slow your roll.

I am definitely 100% in love w/ Boki Nachbar though. He's cute AND talented. Annnnd I'm a 13-year-old girl. Moving on.

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I was surprised, but not really surprised at how empty the arena was. I can tell on TV that no one is going to games, but it's a whole different feeling live. Granted it's not any different than in years past, but it's sort of unbelievable that not even the Almighty Vince can put butts in the seats.

Very much enjoyed the new Senior Dance Team. Their jersey numbers are their ages!!! It's great. One dude was like 80, it was pretty hot. My companion said he thought it would be really funny if they had them play a little ball. I responded I thought it would be funnier if they made the REAL dance team play. I have to say, the dance team this year is much more attractive than it has been in years past. I would love to be THAT Becky, she of financial analyst and Nets dancer fame. Interesting observation though...they don't change their outfits as much as they used to...they wore the same gold shorts the whole game! Unbelievable. That might be Beyonce's mom's fault though...I think I read somewhere that she's designing their outfits. OK, this is way too much talk of dancing ladies.

As for the actual was fun! They're winning again, woo! It was funny though, watching JKidd take all those 3s in the 3rd...every time he chucked one up, you're going "NoooooooooYESSSSS!" Which is the normal reaction when JKidd launches many shots, as shooting is not his strong point. In fact, when he does that toward the end of a game when they're behind, I call it the "White Flag Offense." Last night though, in the 3rd, it was an absolutely freaking beautiful rendition of what I have dubbed the "Hey Vince, Go Fuck Yourself Offense."
When we missed a couple, [coach] said, 'Hey, let's get to the basket,'" said Carter, who had only seven of his 27 after halftime. "So I said 'Guys I'll get to the basket, you guys spot up.'

To which Kidd and Co. responded "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Anyway, good win, even if it was against a very hobbled Wiz team. Yeah, I heard "Andre Blatche" and "Roger Mason, Jr." over the PA multiple times so that kind of explains that. But a W's a W. And I got a nice up close and personal gander at Agent 0 since I was sitting right by the entrance that leads to the visiting team's locker room. Unfortunately it was not up close and personal, "wink wink," as a) I've never been able to ask anyone for an autograph, and b) I haven't figured out how to be a groupie yet. Someone's really gotta teach me how to do that.

I've been reading Seven Seconds or Less and all the fun stuff it says about Eddie House in there (they call him "Casa"...hee) shows on the court...he's just a guy that it seems like everyone likes being around and who has a lot of fun out there. That's what I want from my sports teams man...guys who are having fun. I love having Eddie House on my team. Although I did not see him do the worm...sadly disappointing.

So those are my quick thoughts before getting down to the work business. As an aside, I think I might attempt to quit drinking for awhile. It's expensive ($7 arena beers, holler!) and is contributing to my inability to get back to my playing weight, so after Happy Hour today and Fri, I'm going to try and go cold turkey. At least until my birthday. That'll be like 3 weeks...can I do it? We shall see. Maybe it'll even help me sort out the mess that is my current romantic situation(s). There's a love life as basketball analogy I've been having some fun with...if I get a few free min later on today, I might throw it on here for the sake of posterity.

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