Thursday, January 18, 2007

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold....

Here's a little recap of the Nets' ugly-ass win over Charlotte last night.

I had the pleasure of watching this game via my borrowed League Pass subscription (many many thanks to the current love of my life). The first half I, forever the diligent student, watched in class. Being that it was a class on divorce mediation, and I feel these skills will someday come in handy, I actually paid attention for about 5 minutes. I also had a few IMs going. But JKidd looked like a man on a mission, and that mission was "giving a shit about winning games." Excellent mission choice, Jason. I approve. I came home to watch the second half and they were just cruising...and then it all started to fall apart in the 4th. I am sure everyone who gives a shit about the Nets has already read about the ridiculous "Hack-a-Collins" trick the Bobcats pulled...and it's amazing no one has done this yet. I've been saying for years that Twin is an offensive liability. I named his mere existence as a current problem facing the Nets in a recent post. (And no, I don't ever link to my own posts because I find it to be gratuitous and self-involved. What's that? Writing a blog to begin with often entails both of these things? Well I'm not a blogger, I'm just a chick w/ a laptop and nobody to listen to her rant. So there.)

Anyhoo. The Nets tried their damnedest to blow this game, but won in spite of themselves. As soon as it was obvious what Charlotte was doing fouling Collins (and it was immediately obvious), he should have been taken out. Or AT LEAST once he missed the first two, and badly at that. Anyway, apparently they were all cutesy and joking around about it afterwards. That's nice. Glad to see you boys are in such good spirits despite blowing a 20+ point lead to a team that gives Jake Voskuhl playing time.

After warming up his audience, Collins continued: "Maybe next time I'll take a couple steps back, maybe go into a crossover, a little VC action. I was thinking of doing the Harold Miner around-the-back, doing the RJ (Richard Jefferson), where you close your eyes. It's not like I don't practice. I shoot 200 free throws a day. It's just a matter of making them."

Oh, you think so, Doctor?

Also of note:

"We did what we had to do," said Jefferson, who had a poor offensive game (2-for-9) but held Matt Carroll to 3-for-11.

Offense? Pshhh, who needs offense? As long as you contain the force of nature that is Matt Carroll! Keep up the good work, RJ!


Any Sonics fans out there? Watching the local broadcast of their game the other night, I caught a magnificent commercial for 80s Night at the Key. I can't find it anywhere though. I have this compelling urge to see Johan Petro do the Robot again though and I need to be sated! Anyway, all I've got is this pic of him and the highly underrated Nick Collison:
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What's that? Collison is not underrated? Fine, I guess I just have a soft spot for tall, good-looking white guys. SUE ME.

Overheard before class today:
Cool dude #1: Yo, you gonna watch any football this weekend?
Cool dude #2: YEAH man, are you???
Cool dude #1: Yeah I am!
Cool dude #2: It's gonna be sweet.
Cool dude #1: Dude, I KNOW.

Overheard after class today:
Awesome girl #1: Yo, I like this professor.
Awesome girl #2: Yeah, he's great. He's really smart.
Awesome girl #1: Yeah, he's like...EDUMACATED. He's REALLY edumacated!

One more semester, one more semester, one more semester...

As an aside, I apologize the titles of posts give absolutely NO indication as to the subject matter whatsoever. They're always just lyrics or movie/TV quotes that I hear earlier in the day that stick in my mind. So...yeah, that's that.

OK kiddies, Becky is off to get her drink on in a hardcore way. Sadly this might postpone the viewing I have been looking forward to since last week.

Note to self: stretch calves before bed.

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