Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aw no, she ain't a ho, she's just a badd bitch....

Once again I have returned home to my apartment too inebriated to do the work I had on the ol' things-to-do list.
Not only am I useless, I'm also going straight to hell for laughing my ass off at completely inappropriate jokes all night. Luckily though, they only referred to tragic accidents and not, say, spousal abuse. Because that would be wrong.

This spot has gotten very basketball oriented of late, which is probably a good thing. But with all the negativity surrounding so many teams/players/people in my life in recent days, instead of delving into allll of that, I'm going to throw my own brand of warm fuzzies up in this piece.

(If you want an intellectual take on the Kidd Family Drama, TrueHoop blew me the fuck away today.)
(If you want an intelligent take on Tuesday night's game that I had the, um, "fortune" to watch, Joe broke it down all nice-like.)

Anyway, in no particular order, here are a few random things that made me smile in the last couple days:

*Buy-backs- when a bartender lets you know they appreciate your alcoholism.

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*Being able to do exercises I was unable to the last time I tried- maybe it was the fact that less than 3 months elapsed since my last workout, maybe it was the B-12; either way, I would have flexed in a mirror if I were that type of gal.

*Ranch dressing- because fuck the diet, that's why.

*The first snow of the season- it was flurrying while I walked from Grand Central to my office and I'll be damned if I didn't grin like an idiot the whole 2 blocks. And I lived upstate for 3 years and generally despise the frigid cold.

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*Self-validation- when you're not even feeling sad or insecure and someone calls you up to tell you what a fabulous girl you are and that you don't need any "make-up or push-up bras like the rest of the girls in the city" to be beautiful, especially since you are additionally intelligent and awesome...well, that just rocks. Um, even if it is your dad.

*The way I look in a headband- I might be alone in this one, but I'm pretty sure it's adorable.

*Large lecture classes- because then you never have to go!

*Fat-Free Half & Half- undeniably awesome.

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*More self-validation- hearing you have been helpful or useful at a job that you are pretty sure any reasonably talented law student could do just as well as you on any given day. Or any reasonably talented...monkey.

*Jamaican dog-sledding- No, really! There's a Cool Runnings joke in here somewhere and probably some others that are easy and/or distasteful...however, tonight we'll just go with the feel-good story aspect of this and say how fantastic it is that doggies are getting saved and then attached to scooters for the love of competition.
This is Smiley:
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I love him already.

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