Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thank you sir, may I please have another?


That's the only way to describe it.

I'm completely hammered and have all this work to do...and yeah, it's just not happening.

I wish I could say this went down in a way that was in any way a surprise. But it was entirely fitting. From the opening touchdown drive to the red zone futility to the series of boneheaded penalties to the sudden flash of, wait, make that the sudden flash of competence shown by Eli when it seemingly mattered, to the complete collapse by the defense setting up the utterly predictable game-winning Akers FG. It was all so foreseeable, I swear it was a replay of one of at least 5 other recent games. Ugh.

The utter schizophrenia of the qb is starting to get really irritating. It's not a question of whether Business Eli or Pouty Eli will show up on a game-to-game basis, it's a question of which will show up on a quarter-to-quarter basis.
I like seeing Shockey bitch at him. As much of a douche as Shockey may be perceived as, he's a fucking manimal who keeps going on a drive even when he loses his helmet and actually GIVES A SHIT. I'm not sure if Eli's dismissive "Yeah" to Shockey was out of not caring or out of frustration, but...I don't know. So much wrong with one team.

My friends have decided to lead the call for the Fire Tim Lewis movement. I think he has enough built-in excuses (i.e. injuries everywhere) to stay employed, but...well, there is a fair amount of ineptitude on the defensive end that it would make at least some sense.

Oy. Anywayyy. I think I need to refrain from reading any recaps or blogs or IMs or anything. It's gonna take a few days to get over this one, since once again they found a way to drag me right along with them up until the very end. As I said throughout the game though, as I tied, untied, retied, and untied the noose repeatedly, it was probably time to euthanize this season anyway. The Giants need to shore up on offense, defense, and all sides of coaching. Until any of that starts happening, or the official off-season (for everyone) starts, I'm done talking football. Be gone, GMen, allow me to live a sane life again.

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