Friday, January 26, 2007

Like a struggling doctor, no patience.

My first disgustingly hungover day at work in quite some time. Yeah, I feel great. Note to self: when a crazy blond chick offers you a tequila shot and you have neither a penis nor a tendency to be bicurious...just say no.
Other note to self: don't come home completely hammered drunk and write emails, or they will come out like this:
ok so did you SEE what the nets just did? so not cool. 3 in a row
man. really relaly uncool.

Articulate I am not.

Additional note to self: watching a Nets game in the company of a boy you have just met is not the way to entice him. The need for anger management was not a particularly desirable trait the last time I checked.

Anyway, that makes 3 in a row. I was pretty sure about Larry's job status being pretty secure, what with built-in excuses by way of injuries, as recently as yesterday. But hot damn, what is he DOING? I just don't know. At least this game they were losing for awhile instead of just blowing seemingly insurmountable leads. FRUSTRATION.

Here's some more trade chatter.
Apparently the smart money is on Wince's days in the Swamp being numbered.
If Rod wants to give me a tall and talented Spaniard as an early birthday present, I would not be opposed. In fact, I'll even brush up on my 1 semester of Spanish. Buenos noches, Pau. Muchas gracias. Crema montada?

Also, Joumana wants to reconcile? Forget it, sweetie, you've been exposed as the psycho hose beast you are. Now get that divorce filing response so we can all have a little bit of voyeuristic fun.
(I'm not apologizing. Celebs deal with public intrusion into their private lives all the time. She's one of the biggest spotlight whores ever.)

On a somewhat related note, I don't know what made my friend send me this so many months later, but um...well, just see for yourself. Bitches is CRAZY, man. Athletes would be wise to avoid young self-important strumpets. As if they didn't know that already.... I know crazy in the head = crazy in the bed. But at least go for the low-profile type of crazies. Maybe a cutter the next time. Just a suggestion. Yeesh.

Learned late last night: Bears fans DO have confidence in Rex Grossman. Take THAT, NFL Network commercial! (I can't find the one that mentions Grossman on Youtube. Someone needs to upload that asap. Yes, I use "asap" phonetically. Don't act like you don't love it.) Apparently there's a strong feeling of optimism and Rexstacy's infamous misfires are attributed to bad play-calling and miscommunications. The general consensus is apparently that the Sex Cannon is about to make Peeton ask, "Kenny who?"
(It's OK, Kenny...I still think your tractor's sexy. What? That's not a euphemism? Darn.)

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