Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well hi.

In the past year, I have really become embroiled in the sports blogosphere. I know this does not make me "cool" and most likely is pretty lame. I enjoy off color humor and spend all my free time watching tv and sports (and drinking, but that's a whole separate issue). So it was suggested to me that I write my own NBA blog. Any asshole w/ a computer can write a blog, and I spend a good portion of my day reading/discussing the Association anyway, so why not? Anyway, I kind of laughed it off because while I think I'm hysterical, usually only I think so.

Well today I say fuck it. I'm an asshole with a computer too, so why can't I be an asshole with a blog too?
That was rhetorical.

I'm a huge NJ Nets fan. Have been all my life, there was nothing I could do about it. Hate the Knicks, always have, and the Swamp was just a short drive away from my suburban NY home. I got into basketball myself around the age of 8 and took it upon myself to get my dad to like it too, because let's be honest- who else was going to take me to games and buy me replica jerseys? So we were sad for Drazen, underwhelmed by O'Bannon, and optimistic about Yinka. Whoopdy damn doo, we cheered for DC and Kenny Anderson. We voted for Jayson Williams for the All Star Game. We posed for pictures with Super Dunk. My friends, my mom, and my little sisters came to games with us. We bought into the Calipari era. I cried when Sam Cassell was traded (he was always my favorite player). The players all came back fat and injury prone post-lockout. And we STILL kept going to games. I got to see Rodman head butt a ref in person. So there was that. But the competitiveness left much to be desired. But the games were fun and I loved watching all the NBA teams regardless. The rare years they made the playoffs, we went. Even if it meant an inevitable sweep by the Bulls. My Nets were never contenders, but I loved them.

Then a funny thing happened. They got GOOD. No one ever bought into the Starbury era in NJ and in fact my family was pretty turned off by him. I personally was still bitter about losing the Alien PG and knew we would never win with f'ing Stephon. I mean, his name was STEPHON.

(As an aside, I will apologize once, and just this once, for referring to the team as "we." I realize how silly it is. But it just happens. Inadvertently. Deal with it.)

And then JKidd was there. And everything was OK.
Around that time, my dad started working nights at a 2nd job, and my mom was left w/ evenings more or less to herself. She started watching this new look Nets team and fell in love w/ the run 'n' gun. She became obsessed to the point that she was pouring over the standings every day figuring out playoff odds. She became obsessed to the point that one night my dad came home and glanced at the TV, wondering who was winning. "The Sixers," my mom answered. My dad walked out of the room to hang up his coat. A minute later he walked back in. "Wait," he said. "The Nets aren't playing tonight."

"Ohhh by the way. I ordered League Pass."

I love my mom.

My mom would call me excitedly while I was up at school to ask if I had seen a particular game. She would call me from car rides home from games and tell me I should really come home so we could go to the Swamp together. I don't think I ever spoke to my mom the entire first 2 years of college even half as much as we spoke during the '02 playoffs. To this day we are way closer during b-ball season than during any other time of the year. She is no longer just a Nets fan but a full on NBA fan like me.

I'll admit I was a KVH apologist for a long time. While my mom and sister made signs for KMart, I brought signs to playoff games imploring him to take it hard to the basket for chrissakes. Yes I was a loser. But it was FUN. And the team has gotten BETTER since then.

I'm pumped for this season. 2 years ago I warned everyone to look out for Nenad. I still say look out for Nenad. The kid is only getting better. Balder yes, but better too. I have a thing for RJ. One of my favorite pictures is of my sister and me at opening night last year where I am wearing an "I Dream of RJ" shirt. Yes, I look hot in it. But I like what it represents as well. I think he has the potential to be an absolute superstar. Marcus Williams is going to give JKidd the chance to play less than 40 min a game. We no longer have to worry about them blowing leads when he gets to rest. I mean I miss Jacque Vaughn too, but...hey, I don't bring my laptop to games anyway. I'll be honest, I would feel a lot better w/ a starting PF who could, you know, score some points. But I'll throw my love behind Twin until he's gone. And then maybe still a know, for the memories. Is Josh Boone the answer? Probably not. But I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

So of course it made perfect sense for me to write a Nets blog...right?

Wrong. After years of watching my boys play every chance that I could, fate dealt me a cruel hand: Dish Network. Those fucks have some sort of outstanding feud with the YES Network. Now don't get me started on Steinbrenner...the Yankees are another rant for another day, BELIEVE me. But come ON. I live in a 20+ story building, in downtown Brooklyn, where everyone is pretty much in the 25-35 year old age range, the Nets are MOVING to Brooklyn...and somehow the powers that be force Dish Network upon us? Really??? It was bad enough not to be able to watch the Yankees (again...another day) but my fucking Nets...I mean fuck.

Granted there is no need/demand for a Nets blog. The boys at Nets Daily do a terrific job every day, and I have been a longtime fan of Joe Nets Fan. But they are my boys, and I used to really enjoy watching them most evenings. I already suffered one season w/ no Nets, and it was not fun. Those blogs, plus the SC highlights got me through, not to mention the too few My 9 broadcasts. And I went to my fair share of games. But it was no piece of cake missing so many games. And I LOVE cake.

Not this year. I am vowing, VOWING to watch more games. Even if it means sitting alone in the bar with my books, this season will not pass me by. I believe it is a pivotal year for the Jersey Boys. So with the exception of finals (3rd year of law school is easy my ass) I'll be making my way to various establishments of ill repute to see how this season unfolds. I'll be heading to a bar right after my Commercial Arbitration class, providing I don't hang myself during it. And maybe in honor of Marcus's debut coinciding with my own in the blogosphere, I'll whip the laptop out and do a little liveblogging. It's not like I'll have anyone to talk to sitting alone at a bar in Brooklyn on a Wednesday anyway.

But anyway...hi. Welcome to my world.

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