Friday, November 03, 2006


So someone in my office, I will not say who, or where I work, but someone, asked me today to find the Harold Reynolds complaint that was filed earlier in the week.
A couple things to mention about this:
1) Truly a different generation I guess, because of the people looking for this, no one had apparently heard of The Smoking Gun. I knew legal research was different now, and all the older guys still love their books, but...weird. It took me all of 2 seconds to find it.
2) This leads to a conversation over who out in Bristol is probably very nervous over Harold's private investigator right about now. He mentions off hand, "You all the events, Berman always has 2 or 3 bimbos with him...." I drop a "You're with me, Leather!" on him and he looks at me all perplexed like. So I have to explain it to him and offer to send him a link to explain. My computer keeps freezing up on the Deadspin search page though, so I just use google...and lo and behold! A Wikipedia page!!!
I love the internet.

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