Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nets Opening Night baby!!!! And beer! Hooray beer!

Got to the bar and they put the game on for me…I missed the first 6 min or so. Settled in w/ some beer and wings, by myself. Some other solo fans of other teams strolled in after that. Apparently Cody’s is the hot “drink and watch bball alone” bar.

Didn’t really pay attention to much else during the first half except the game, my beer, and my food. Made some observations in the second half though....

To my left was a Knicks fan who has no cable yet. Nice guy, not annoying at all. To my right though… emo looking dude, there to watch the Sixers. Seemed nice enough. Not annoying. Kind of an older dude next to him though, there to watch the Celtics…and really just would not shut up.

Super Celtics Fan has lots of insight. Explained the whole “where whining to the refs thing” came from. Nice try dude, but the next time you want to pass some Bill Simmons knowledge off as your own, at least get it right. I’m pretty sure the column didn’t mention MJ in it. Also…Simmons? Really??? Oh, and he left midway through the 3rd quarter.

Emo Sixers fan comments to Superfan 99 that TJ Ford has “kind of a bad back.” Um, dude? They FUSED his VERTEBRAE together. I mean…!!!

Here’s a fun fact. After a couple hours I was a little buzzed. And I was wearing my tightest jeans, the only pair that it looks like I literally have to pour myself into. Don’t get me wrong, they look good, but are mildly uncomfortable. Well after a few drinks, I went to pee and I apparently feel I need to try and stretch them out before pulling them back up. Soooo they split right in the right crotchal area. Full vag exposure, and a dynamite day to be wearing my neon green underwear. Good job, Becky. Luckily I am a big fan of the layering look so was able to tie one of my 3 shirts around my waist, thus preventing the flash for all the other patrons. Fantastic times.

It’s weird to see TJ Ford in a Raptors jersey. I guess it’s weird to see any player who has been traded or signed w/ a new team in a different jersey, but this was a little more off than seeing Big Ben in a Bulls jersey. It might just be that it’s weird to see a player I like in a Raptors jersey. I do like Chris Bosh, but he actually looks like a velociraptor, so I’m fine w/ that.

Interesting post on TrueHoop about the T-Wolves earlier. I have to say I am more than a little curious about the story behind Wally Szczerbiak’s departure now.

OK so I’m trying not to be too ecstatic about the Nets so far, but…I mean they look GOOD. A little sloppy and rusty here and there, but damn. DAMN. Vince looks like a man on a mission. RJ looks like he’s ready to just go to work. Marcus Williams looks like the fucking man. Happy happy happy happy happy!

But yeah, sloppy. Some ridiculous discrepancy in the turnover department.

What’s the deal w/ the minutes Mikki Moore is getting? I can only assume he will have less once Uncle Cliffy comes back from his *ahem* suspension. But Mikki could be a great energy guy. I decide he’s fine w/ me after a sick dunk at the end of the 3rd quarter. Also, he really likes snakes.

Another Mikki Moore fun fact- he’s in on the skinny headband trend. Like what all the jappy girls were wearing a few years ago. I also have noticed Mike Dunleavy and Mike Miller getting in on this trend tonight.

Also, Mike Miller would make a really ugly chick.

My friend texts me to say “Boston Nachos is having a great night.” Great. I’ll be calling him that from now on apparently. Fucker.

Reminds me of my ex boyfriend from senior year of college…whenever Brian Scalabrine was on screen he would yell “TINY PEENIEEEE” bc that is what “Scalabrine” sounded like to him. I have done so out of instinct ever since. Thank God he’s not on the Nets anymore.

Former YES Network Nets pre- and post-game host Fred Hickman pops up for an SC commercial on ESPN and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t look like a cancer patient. What have they done to you, Fred? Maybe Stephen A. is just hogging all the snack food.

How is Sam Mitchell still employed?

OK they just showed a graphic showing how many games have been coached by the following coaches: Lawrence Frank, Doc Rivers, Sam Mitchell, Mo Cheeks, Isiah Thomas. I’m not sure what they were trying to show me. I guess that L-Frank has the longest tenure out of all those guys? He should quit just so he doesn’t have to be shown in that stellar lineup anymore. Great company.

I am enjoying this whole “Anthony Parker is Candace Parker’s brother and people know her better” angle. I called my friend to point it out to him (he was home watching the Knicks) and have a good chuckle over it. His response: “Oh…I thought he was Tony Parker’s brother.” Yeah Anthony Parker!

I wonder what the logic is behind playing JKidd and Marcus Williams together. I guess so Vince can sit down? I just thought the idea was so Kidd could actually get some rest. I guess it’s a learning experience. Fuck it, I don’t care, they both look goooood.

I really need sound to watch these games. It’s just not the same w/out hearing the PA guy go “JASONKIDD FOR THREEEEEEEEE!!!”

I also enjoy the “V!!! C!!! THREEEE!!!” call. I’m a nerd.

Did Eddie Jordan get hair plugs or something? Or is it just like Soul Glo or some shit? Something is off up there.

They have been taking great care of me at Cody’s…fantastic, friendly service. But the music leaves something to be desired. Michael McDonald? Yah Mo Burn this place to the ground.

I really wish I was able to order League Pass.

Boston Nachos for 3!!! Yeah that nickname’s not going away.

Boston Nachos is kind of cute? How did I miss that before? It must just be my not so secret obsession with nachos.

I notice the Knicks are up by 9. I must be drunk.

YES shows some Net fan children at the Meadowlands. They look scrubby. I’ve been to a CVS in NJ. I know they sell brushes and soap. Come on man.

You know…Jason Collins suddenly resembles a duck with cornrows. In fact, I used to own a Jason Kidd CelebriDuck, and this is pretty closely along those lines.

Fuck it man, if he’ll play better he can waddle around the court.

Oh, also? I want to punch the Nissan guy in the testicles. Maybe even kill him.

Of course he’s wearing a Guster shirt. I mean I liked them when I was a freshman in high school too, dude, but…I mean it’s 2006. I get that you are living out of your car now, but did you really not get out of your parents’ basement once in 10 years??

Wait, I’m confused. Is “The Return” an alternate title for “The Grudge 2?” I can’t tell w/ no sound. And it’s official: Sarah Michelle Gellar really isn’t all that cute.

With 6 min left, the Nets have opened up a 12 point lead. I’ve been watching this team long enough to be thinking “ah don’t blow it.”

OK, Vince actually even looks decent on the defensive end. Brian Fellows says, “That’s crazy!” But he will get beat off the dribble every single time. I’ll just accept this.

Maybe I’m ignorant of some sort of charity symbol or something, but…what the hell is that on Sam Mitchell’s lapel? I feel like it should be a flower, but it just looks like a red circle with a smaller black circle in the middle. The hell.

Mo Pete swipes Carter across the face, and…there’s the Whiny Vince Face!!! Gosh I missed it!

I really hate when I have to pee a lot and nobody calls a timeout.

JKidd 2 boards away from a triple-double at this point…he says he can average a triple-double this season. Fucking A. And then he gets it.

So TJ Kidd got a little, um…husky in the off-season. I think he’s past the “cute kid” age at this point. He seems more obnoxious now too. It’s official: you are not cute anymore. Stop dancing and sit down.

ESPN shows a commercial for MNF: Raiders vs. Seahawks! WOO!!!

Hassan Adams and Mile Ilic both come in for some garbage time. That’s the future right there, baby.

OK, Ilic looks completely and totally lost. He needs to be shown where to go for a Raptors free throw. And the face he makes as he waits for said free throws is a dead ringer for “little kid who has lost his parents in the mall and is about to sit down and start crying.” This team fucking rocks.

102-92 your final score! The Nets are 1-0! Yeah!!!

In the post-game they show a highlight from the pre-game festivities where Sly is running around with a big “BRING IT” flag. Sly bugs me. But the whole “BRING IT” ad campaign really gets me going. I’ve been enjoying it immensely over the past year.

I actually stick around to watch the rest of the Cavs/Wiz and Knicks/Grizz games. Feeling drunk and a bit chatty, I sympathize w/ the Knicks fan to my right. I even buy him a drink after the 2nd OT. Man am I glad I’m a Nets fan. The Knicks are ACTUALLY trying to kill their fans.

Your drunken walk home: BRING IT!

Actually managed to make it home w/out flashing the homeless guys my neon green undies. Successful night, all around.

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