Monday, May 14, 2007

I got the brass for your ass, homeboy, thought you KNEW that.

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It has been decidedly very Nets-centric around here as of late.

Does this mean I have become more tolerant of people?
Does this mean people have stopped being stupid and therefore piss me off less?
Does this mean I was studying ever so diligently?
Does this mean I have been shacking up with Boki (thus tiring him out and causing the recent decline in the quality of his play)?

The answers are: No; Hell no; Ha!; and I wish.

I really have no excuse for you. Hopefully you continue to adore me, because I'm like...adorable.

Anyway, here is the latest from the AWESOME NEW SITE!!!!1!!11!!!!!!1@

I really hate the software over there, so it's lacking in pretty pictures and sexy YouTube videos, but it's got lots of hot steamy Becky's poorly constructed prose action for ya. Which is what I know you were after to begin with.

This was my sexy Saturday:
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Oh, and there's this:
If anyone wants to TAKE me to Game 4, I promise you will get laid. (Disclaimer: I have slutty friends, you're not guaranteed a Becky.)

Just...ya know...for the record.

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